Ortra Offices

600 sqm of office spaces in Alon Towers, Tel Aviv. Completed in 2018

The objective was to create a welcoming meeting point, defined by composition and materiality, along with sophistication and strength. The workplace was designed for an international conference company, and is situated in the center of the business district in Tel Aviv, Israel. The space was unconventionally dissected into the given program, allowing a spacious open space working area at the heart of the plan facing north, whilst the eastern and western wings have more private office space for managers. The open space is defined by its high acoustic ceiling and array of customized workstations with acoustic partitions. The entrance has a vast opening to the large meeting room which is enhanced by the view from the 28th floor seen through a shard of carpentry which defines the western wing. Whilst the large meeting room is surrounded by the view, the small meeting room offers a more introverted space, a niche surrounded with a timber finish. Vantage points to the view at the end of each corridor is a motive throughout the plan. Solid elements of timber, seamlessly connected with glass partitions and fields of linear ceiling, offer a composed pallet of materials which allow an elegant flow.

Photos by Amit Geron.