National Memorial on Mount Herzl

National Memorial Hall, completed in 2017

Mount Herzl Memorial Hall, finished in September 2017, was excavated in the Jerusalem mountain to form an intimate space for a personal and collective experience of commemoration. Above the hall, the mountain was reconstructed with an undulating funnel shaped formation of bricks which opens the hall to the sky, flooding the void with natural light.


Kimmel Eshkolot Architects was selected by the Israeli Ministry of Defence to design the memorial in 2006, in collaboration with Kalush-Chechik Architects. The second key element to their design concept, apart from the space of the hall, was a 250 meter long continuous “Wall of Names” that wraps around the central sculptural brick structure. Following a spiral ramp up the memorial, the wall is built of 23,000 bricks, each individually engraved with the name of a fallen soldier, the date the soldier was killed and a candle to be lit on the anniversary of the soldier’s death.



Photos by Amit Geron.