Lev Academic Center – Tal Campus

Academic institution for women in Jerusalem. Winning competition entry, 2019

Kimmel Eshkolot Architects has been announced as the winner for the design of the new Lev Academic Center – Tal Campus, an academic institution for women in Jerusalem.


Designed around a central courtyard which faces the landscape, the campus relates to the natural topography of the site to create an open amphitheater, lush smaller courtyards and roof gardens, creating together a series of public spaces surrounded by nature.


The facades of the campus are designed from the local Jerusalem stone in various techniques that on the one hand create intimate enclosures with a comfortable climate, and on the other hand frame the views to the landscape of the Jerusalem hills.


The campus also includes a library, fitness facilities, an auditorium that provides access to the nearby Lev Academic Center, a day care center for children and a canteen.