Café Lorenz

The Schechter Institute of Jewish studies in Tel Aviv

‪This building, located in the German Colony, between Jaffa and Neve Zedek (the historic neighborhood of Tel-Aviv), ‪was built at the beginning of the 20th century by the Lorenz family, members of the German-Templar settlers community. The owners lived on the site and operated a café, a movie theatre and a hall for community events. ‪It was built in the typical Templar style in the facades facing the streets, ‪and with unique art-deco like elements facing the courtyard.


From the 1970’s until its restoration in 2012, the building stood abandoned and was damaged severely. The conversion of the building to a center for the Conservative Jewish community in Tel Aviv was conducted while carefully restoring all of its original elements. Nevertheless, minor alterations were done for the building to be able to hold extensive activity nowadays. Some of the original pre-cast elements such as the columns and the terrace rail were casted anew, and any late additions were removed


The project today includes a synagogue, a study hall (Beth Midrash) and a library as well as café with a small stage for concerts. In the future an adjacent building is to be built as a part of this compound, and it will house kindergartens and additional study halls.