National Memorial on Mount Herzl

National Memorial Hall, completed in 2017


Rehovot Community Center

Encircling a new urban plaza, the project includes studios for dance, music, sports and a library. Completed in 2016


Beit Halohem, Beer Sheva, Israel

Community rehabilitation center. First prize in a short-list competition, completed in 2010


The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

Museum and research center of the national treasures of Tel Aviv University. Completed in 2018

Check point_august2016_0 cropped

Check Point Building

School of Computer Science and the Unit for Science Oriented Youth, Tel Aviv University. First Prize in a competition held in 2013. To be completed in 2018


Davidson Center

Archeological museum, Jerusalem. First prize in a short-list competition, completed in 2001


Diller Building for Humanities and Social Sciences

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Completed in 2008


Israeli Government Compound Expansion, Jerusalem

First prize in a short-list competition, 2010. The design was approved by the regional committee of Jerusalem in 2013. Collaboration with architect Hans Davidson, Amsterdam


Tel Aviv White City Forum – Exhibition Center

A celebration of urbanity in a 24/7 city. First prize in a competition by the city hall of TLV, to be completed in 2015


Netanya Municipality Tower

First prize in an open competition, in collaboration with Kalush-Chechik architects, 2012