National Memorial on Mount Herzl

National Memorial Hall, completed in 2017


Rehovot Community Center

Encircling a new urban plaza, the project includes studios for dance, music, sports and a library. Completed in 2016


Beit Halohem, Beer Sheva, Israel

Community rehabilitation center. First prize in a short-list competition, completed in 2010


The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

Museum and research center of the national treasures of Tel Aviv University. Completed in 2018


Check Point Building

School of Computer Science and the Unit for Science-Oriented Youth, Tel Aviv University. First Prize in a competition held in 2013. Completed in 2019


Davidson Center

Archeological museum, Jerusalem. First prize in a short-list competition, completed in 2001


Diller Building for Humanities and Social Sciences

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Completed in 2008


Israeli Government Compound Expansion, Jerusalem

First prize in a short-list competition, 2010. The design was approved by the regional committee of Jerusalem in 2013. Collaboration with architect Hans Davidson, Amsterdam


Tel Aviv White City Forum – Exhibition Center

A celebration of urbanity in a 24/7 city. First prize in a competition by the city hall of TLV, to be completed in 2015


Netanya Municipality Tower

First prize in an open competition, in collaboration with Kalush-Chechik architects, 2012