Rehovot Community Center by Kimmel Eshkolot is featured in the September issue of Domus. Read the article



The memorial hall on Mount Herzl, which hosted the national remembrance ceremony for fallen soldiers last week, is featured in Haaretz. Read the article by Naama Riba, who joined the team of Kimmel Eshkolot for a tour in the new project



Rehovot Community Center is featured in Archdaily. Read the article



The opening ceremony of the National Memorial on Mount Herzl, designed by Kimmel Eshkolot, will take place on Sunday, April 30th 2017, at 10am. View invitation




A week to the opening of Fresh Paint contemporary art fair in The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History – designed by Kimmel Eshkolot – Michael Jacobson from Xnet visits the building to follow on the last minute preparations for the opening. Read the article


Photo of the entrance by Gideon Levin

Mivnim article_march 2017_cover


Kaplan North Masterplan by Kimmel Eshkolot is featured on the cover of the March issue of Mivnim magazine. Read the article 




The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History in Tel Aviv University will host the 2017 Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair! The fair will run through March 28-30th and will mark the launch of the opening events of the building. Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv, is the largest and most influential annual art event in Israel, attracting over 30,000 visitors every year. The official opening of The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History will take place in May this year.



The recently completed Rehovot Community Center and Library by Kimmel Eshkolot was selected as one of the best projects of 2016 by Xnet. Read the article by Guy Nardy



Michal Kimmel Eshkolot will give a lecture at the annual Israeli Architects Conference. The lecture, titled ‘Movement in The Architectural Realm’, will take place on December 20th, 2016, at Smolarz Auditorium in Tel Aviv University. View details and sign up for the event



Michal Kimmel Eshkolot and Etan Kimmel will give a lecture in the start of year event of the Azrieli School of Architecture in Tel Aviv University. The lecture, titled ‘In the Space of Architecture’, will take place at 7pm on Sunday, October 30th, in Fastlicht Auditorium. Admission is free. View invitation