The Mount Herzl Memorial by Kimmel Eshkolot won the first prize in the the Idea-Tops competition held in Shenzhen, China, in the Digital Architecture category! The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History was selected in the same competition for the Global Nomination Award. The medal and the award-winning certificate will be jointly awarded to Kimmel Eshkolot in a ceremony on April 26th, in Shenzhen, China. For more info

Future Housing featured


Michal Kimmel Eshkolot will give a lecture in the Future Housing event at Wohl Center, Ramat Gan, on March 11th at 2pm. For more details



There is a new restaurant in town! L28 Culinary Platfrom is now open to the public on the ground floor of Start-Up Nation Central, both of which are designed by Kimmel Eshkolot Architects. Read about the visit of Haaretz’s Sagi Cohen, or watch the report of Amit Aronson on Channel 10



Kimmel Eshkolot’s exhibition at SARP Katowice, Poland, is now open! click for photos of Etan Kimmel’s lecture at SARP and the exhibition opening



Check Point Building by Kimmel Eshkolot is the cover story for this month’s issue of Mivnim magazine. Read the story



Etan Kimmel will give a lecture at SARP Katowice in Poland on Thursday, November 15th, at 17:30. Follow this link for a detailed schedule of the evening, which will also include a lecture by Agnieszka Kaczmarska, the president of the Association of Polish Architects and by Wojciech Fudala, the curator of the series of lectures Masters of Architecture. All are invited!



Start-Up Nation Central is featured in Wallpaper* magazine, covering ‘The Latest Trends in Workspace Architecture’. Read the article



Start-Up Nation Central opened this week in Tel Aviv with a summit that was designed to share the work of the Start-Up Nation foundation, including key figures from the tech industry as well as chefs that will participate in its rotating culinary concept. Read more about the project in this article in Haaretz. In this photo by More Gelfand: Guests are arriving to the building in 28 Lilienblum street.



The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History was selected as the best public building in Israel by Mako, in its Rosh Hashana list of the 100 best things in the country. Check out the full list, and Shana Tova!