Asif Culinary Centre, designed by Kimmel Eshkolot, is featured in D+A Magazine. Read more



We were announced as the winners in a competition to design the new headquarters of international cargo shipping company ZIM. Our design creates modular rooms, inspired by the containers they have been transporting worldwide for decades. These container rooms enable an efficient use of the space, which is kept open while also providing privacy. View project



Excited to share that we’ve won a competition to design the new masterplan and central building of Eretz Israel Museum! Our design, in collaboration with Studio de Lange, adds a building that crosses through the landscape and will be both the new entrance to the museum and a connector between the fragmented structures on this vast site of 170k sqm in the north of Tel Aviv. View project



Our project to restore two historic residential buildings on Allenby Street in Tel Aviv is completed and is now already in-use, with 21 unique apartments and added retail areas. Photo of the blue building – one of three that comprise the new project – which was built in the 1920s and stood for decades in decay.



Kimmel Eshkolot is featured in the new issue of D+A magazine, with an overview of 8 projects of the practice. View PDF



“A Huge Scoop, Passion and Scale: 10 Questions for Kimmel Eshkolot” – Michal and Etan seat down with Udit Lorraine Belkine, Editor of Legit Magazine, for an interview about the milestones of their career. Read the interview



The next Hans Davidson Prize for Excellence in Urban Design, sponsored by the Davidson family and Kimmel Eshkolot Architects, will be awarded on December 8th, at 7pm in TAU. The keynote speaker in the award ceremony will be MVRDV’s Jan Knikker. See details


Image on left: 2017 winner, Noa Chriqui, with her project Hayarkon Hosting: Urban Hosting Between City and Sea



Etan Kimmel will give a lecture at the International Architecture and Design Conference in Eilat, on December 4th. The lecture, titled ‘Technology Creates Architecture’, will be followed by a one on one conversation of Etan with architect Yama Karim. See full schedule



Melbourne, Australia: Etan Kimmel will give a lecture on Sunday, October 6th, organised by UIA Women’s Division and YoungUIA and hosted by Gary Peer & Associates. The evening starts at 7:15, view invitation



Kimmel Eshkolot Architects won first prize in the international Dedalo Minosse competition – read the article by Nir Dvori on Mako