Etan Kimmel will give a lecture at the International Architecture and Design Conference in Eilat, on December 4th. The lecture, titled ‘Technology Creates Architecture’, will be followed by a one on one conversation of Etan with architect Yama Karim. See full schedule



Melbourne, Australia: Etan Kimmel will give a lecture on Sunday, October 6th, organised by UIA Women’s Division and YoungUIA and hosted by Gary Peer & Associates. The evening starts at 7:15, view invitation



Kimmel Eshkolot Architects won first prize in the international Dedalo Minosse competition – read the article by Nir Dvori on Mako



Mount Herzl by Kimmel Eshkolot received the international Dedalo Minosse Prize! The prize was awarded in Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza by a jury of more than 20 architects, engineers, writers and members of the Dedalo Minosse committee. Celebrating excellence in execution, the prize is awarded jointly to the architect – Kimmel Eshkolot – and to the client of the project, Mr. Arie Moalem. GRAZIE! View photos



Start-Up Nation Central by Kimmel Eshkolot won second prize in a competition by the Israeli Architecture Association, in the interior design category. Read more



Kimmel Eshkolot Architects has been announced as the winner for the design of the new Lev Academic Center – Tal Campus, an academic institution for women in Jerusalem. View the project



Kimmel Eshkolot Architects will be giving a tour in the newly opened Check Point Building this Friday! Gathering starts at 10am, followed with a lecture by Etan Kimmel and guided tours in the project. RSVP is required. See details



Kimmel Eshkolot Architects wins a competition to design the Sylvan Adams Institute for Excellence in Sports in the Tel Aviv University Campus! View the project



Kimmel Eshkolot Architects wins first prize in a design competition held by the city of Beer Sheva to design a 5,000 sqm center dedicated to treatment, research, and activities for children with special needs, mainly those on the spectrum of autism. View the project



The Mount Herzl Memorial by Kimmel Eshkolot won the first prize in the the Idea-Tops competition held in Shenzhen, China, in the Digital Architecture category! The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History was selected in the same competition for the Global Nomination Award. The medal and the award-winning certificate will be jointly awarded to Kimmel Eshkolot in a ceremony on April 26th, in Shenzhen, China. For more info